Teamcode: Online Judge Collaborative System

Summary Implemented a web-based collaborative code editor which supports multiple users editing simultaneously (ACE,, Redis) Designed and developed a single-page web application for coding problems (Angular2, Node.js, MongoDB) Built a user-code executor service which can build and execute user’s code (Flask, Docker) Refactored and improved system throughput by decoupling services using RESTful API and... Continue Reading →

Shadow DOM

Shadow DOM refers to the ability of the browser to include a subtree of DOM elements into the rendering of a document, but not into the main document DOM tree. (You can only see it when rendering) Shadow DOM encapsulates DOM and CSS in a web component, for example, <input type="range">, separating itself from the... Continue Reading →

CSS3 Animation – Bounced Button

  animation-name Used to bind the animation to an HTML element @keyframes Rule Use `from to` or `percentage` animation-duration The duration of the animation, default value is 0 animation-delay Specify a delay for the start of an animation animation-iteration-count Specify the number of times an animation should run infinite or a number animation-direction alternate or... Continue Reading →

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