Teamcode: Online Judge Collaborative System

Summary Implemented a web-based collaborative code editor which supports multiple users editing simultaneously (ACE,, Redis) Designed and developed a single-page web application for coding problems (Angular2, Node.js, MongoDB) Built a user-code executor service which can build and execute user’s code (Flask, Docker) Refactored and improved system throughput by decoupling services using RESTful API and... Continue Reading →

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Top News: Real Time News Scraping and Recommendation System

PROJECT LINK Top News URL PROJECT DESCRIPTION Implemented a data pipeline which monitors, scrapes and dedupes latest news (MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, TF-IDF) Built a single-page web application for users to browse news (React, Node.js, RPC, SOA, JWT) Implemented a click event log processor which collects users’ click logs, then updates a news preference model for... Continue Reading →

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不要轻易帮别人的任务,先把自己的工作做好再说。这次工作没做好的原因 因为有紧急任务帮助别人oncall,此种情况下,应该先和manager讲好任务量,分析完成日期,然后讨论是否可以替代别人oncall take over别人离职后的CR,此任务不应该由自己负责,即使离职人员想让我接替。正常的方式应该说我可以放到sprint board上,然后让大家score,我有自己的任务 这次任务和oncall冲突,别人都不帮你oncall,你干嘛帮助别人。要学会拒绝,学会讨价还价。 提高口语能力,不要逃避。多练习些套话,即使没有话说的时候可以凑数。要表示自己做得很好。

Chinese Cuisine: Single Page App Development

Summary Chinese Cuisine Web App introduces a collection of Chinese traditional lipsmacking dishes that tickle people's culinary senses. People can use this web app to view promotions, browse dishes by category, comment and rate for each dish, filter, and submit feedback. This is a flexible template for restaurants to set up and promote their online... Continue Reading →

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